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Lensco 100% Pure Acetone (box/4 gallon)

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by Lensco

Lensco 100% Pure Acetone (box/4 gallon)

Description: This product offers a potent, 100% pure acetone formulation to deliver dependable performance.

  • Include: box/4 gallon - 4 x 128 oz 
  • Size: 4 x 128 oz or 4 x 4 gallon
  • Weight: 32 lbs

Important note: This heavy liquid product will be added a shipping fee at checkout. Can not be returned

Introduction: Discover the power of Lensco 100% Pure Acetone in the convenient gallon size! This high-quality nail polish remover is a game-changer for professional nail salons and beauty enthusiasts alike. Say goodbye to stubborn nail polishes and gel colors with ease, as Lensco 100% Pure Acetone efficiently and effectively removes all traces of nail polish, leaving your nails fresh and clean.

Experience the Superiority of Lensco 100% Pure Acetone:

  • 100% Pure and Powerful: Lensco Acetone is 100% pure, ensuring a potent and effective formula that swiftly breaks down even the most stubborn nail polishes, including gel and glitter.

  • Gallon Size Convenience: The gallon size of Lensco Acetone is perfect for professional nail salons and bulk users. Save time and money with this generous supply of high-quality acetone.

Why Choose Lensco 100% Pure Acetone?

  • Superior Nail Polish Removal: Lensco Acetone stands out for its exceptional ability to remove nail polish with minimal effort. It efficiently dissolves even multiple layers of polish, making it a top choice for professional use.

  • Multipurpose Applications: Lensco Acetone is not limited to nail polish removal alone. It can also be used for various other beauty and cosmetic purposes, such as removing adhesive residue and cleaning brushes.

  • Fast-Drying Formula: After removing nail polish, Lensco Acetone evaporates quickly, leaving your nails residue-free and ready for a fresh coat of polish.

How to Use Lensco 100% Pure Acetone:

  1. Preparation: Ensure your nails are free from any oils or lotions before using the acetone.

  2. Soak or Dab Method: Depending on your preference, soak a cotton ball or cotton pad with Lensco Acetone and apply it to your nails. Alternatively, use an acetone-safe container to soak your nails for quicker and efficient removal.

  3. Gentle Removal: Let the Lensco Acetone do its work. The powerful formula gently breaks down the nail polish, making removal swift and effortless.

  4. Clean and Condition: After removing the polish, rinse your nails with water and apply cuticle oil or moisturizer to nourish and hydrate your nails and cuticles.

Experience Professional-Grade Acetone with Lensco 100% Pure Acetone (Gallon): Elevate your nail polish removal game with the power of Lensco 100% Pure Acetone in the convenient gallon size. This high-quality acetone is a must-have for professional nail salons, bulk users, and beauty enthusiasts seeking an efficient and effective nail polish remover. Embrace the superiority of Lensco Acetone and enjoy effortless nail polish removal, leaving your nails fresh, clean, and ready for your next beautiful manicure. Get your Lensco 100% Pure Acetone (Gallon) today and experience the difference of salon-grade acetone at your fingertips!